The New Mini-Me Fashion Trend

Trending now in fashion are “mini-me” versions of the most collectable lines. Thus, the current obsession with kids wear brands that are take-offs of women and menswear lines or brands. These kid’s designer brands adopt pieces from women’s and men’s runways to create the same, only in MINI. Demi-couture collection of frocks are adapted into chic-girls party dresses, tailored menswear is converted into boy wear. Long or short, monotone or two-toned, sleek or full of life, cinched or relaxed, designers believe that all of these traits can be altered to create a kids fashion collection. Whether it is a designer brand that is creating a kid wear collection that mimics its adult line, or an independent brand implementing RTW trends into a kid wear collection, kids’ fashion is becoming all the more appealing to fashion-forward, savvy-shopping mothers.There is a fine balance that must be achieved while reworking an adult’s piece into a child’s. Most important, there are structural and technical aspects that must be addressed. Buttons, snaps, and closings must be strategically placed. Fabrics must be resistant to wear-and-tear and generally washable. And silhouettes and styles must be changed to fit little bodies. Also, styles must be changed to suit the children.Designer brands are all-encompassing and often venture into the kid wear market. For instance, Marc Jacobs has created a MINI line called, Little Marc Jacobs. Sonia Rykiel’s kidswear brand is called Rykiel Enfant. Each season, Little Marc Jacobs and Rykiel Enfant choose key pieces from their ready-to-wear or runway and remodel a children’s version. Mini versions include kids clothes, kids shoes, and of course, kids accessories. These pieces are always unique to the brand and in line with their image and trademark style. They usually become instant best-sellers, as these pieces are easily identifiable with the brand’s image. Furthermore, which child doesn’t want to be wearing mommy and daddy’s clothes, shoes, and accessories?Alternatively, many kids clothing brands are devoted only to kids wear, while modeling themselves after women wear and menswear. Collections are sophisticated, yet youthful and key trends are adapted from women wear and menswear. For example, MINI RODINI, a fashion-forward brand that has quickly gathered a cult-following, incorporates youthful elements into an otherwise sophisticated collection. Kid’s fashion is fun and young, yet urbane and stylish. Brands such as Mini Rodini appeal to customers that are tired of ruffles, bows, frills, and cliche kids wear. These brands, on the other hand, create collections that are less fuss and more chic.